Nuestra Metodología Legal. Un enfoque sólido y personalizado para cada caso. Descubre cómo abordamos los desafíos legales con eficacia en Starboard
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We use the following methodology in the provision of our services:

1. Diagnosis We conduct a legal check-up to thoroughly identify the opportunities and threats our client faces from a legal risk perspective in their business.
2. Planification We develop an action plan based on the findings from the diagnostic stage. The objective is to propose solutions from a cost-benefit perspective, prioritizing issues that could generate resources for our clients first, followed by those that place them at risk.
3. Execution During this stage, we execute the work plan, providing weekly follow-up through conferences and/or work meetings to align our department's operation with the business's progress. We prepare monthly reports on progress and/or results.
4. Control We prepare a report where we update our clients on the project's progress and ensure that we are meeting the planned goals and objective results.
5. Closure During this stage, we aim to make our involvement in our clients' businesses tangible by delivering documentation that demonstrates our activities or services provided.


Nos apasiona cuidar los intereses de nuestros clientes y los vemos como propios.

Tenemos más de 20 años de experiencia en negocios, especialmente en negocios medianos, en crecimiento y/o familiares.

Tenemos una mentalidad emprendedora: hemos sido, somos y seguiremos siendo emprendedores, está en nuestro ADN emprender.

Formación como abogados con más de 16 años de experiencia.

Nuestra cultura busca relaciones de largo plazo, como aliados estratégicos de nuestros clientes; esto nos obliga a alinear nuestros intereses a los de nuestros clientes y buscar siempre crear valor.

Tenemos una escucha activa y siempre buscamos la manera de mejorar nuestros servicios.

Estamos en constante capacitación y a la vanguardia en temas legales y de negocios.

Entendemos la nueva manera de prestar servicios legales orientados a la reducción de costos y presupuestos, los cuales queremos crear y administrar en conjunto con nuestros clientes.


At STARBOARD®, we pride ourselves on being a law firm distinguished by our commitment, experience, innovation, and outstanding results. Discover how our highly qualified lawyers can make a difference in your project and protect your interests. Trust us to face your company's legal challenges in a different way.

Passion: We are passionate about protecting our clients' interests and see them as our own.

Active Culture: We have active listening and always seek ways to improve our services.

Business Experience: We have over 20 years of experience in business, especially with medium-sized, growing, and/or family businesses.

Cost Optimization: We understand the new way of providing legal services aimed at cost and budget reduction, which we aim to create and manage together with our clients.

Entrepreneurial Mindset:We have an entrepreneurial mindset: we have been, are, and will continue to be entrepreneurs; it's in our DNA to undertake.

Strategic Allies: Our culture seeks long-term relationships as strategic allies of our clients; this compels us to align our interests with theirs and always seek to create value.

Continuous Training: We are constantly training and at the forefront of legal and business issues.

Expert Lawyers: Trained as lawyers with over 16 years of experience.


At STARBOARD®, we implement processes and methodologies for legal departments, such as the one designed by the Consortium of Legal Operation (CLOC), of which we are members. This integrates best practices in the management of legal departments, allowing us to serve our clients more efficiently by focusing on providing the best possible legal advice.

Trust in our proven methodology and lead your case to legal success.


A better way to receive legal advice

¡Rowing together®!