Conoce al equipo legal de Starboard. Abogados apasionados y con experiencia que están aquí para representarte. Descubre quiénes están detrás de nuestro éxito
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Our team

Elias Bardawil

Elias Bardawil Abbud

Founding partner and CEO

Elias Bardawil has more than 16 years of experience as a trusted lawyer for his clients, his experience comes from working with them as the head of their legal departments in the areas of general and specialized corporate law, which includes: secretariat and values, capitalizations, mergers and acquisitions, contracts, financial, banking and administrative law.


The industries in which he has participated are: Financial, Robotics, Real Estate, Insurance, Construction, Steel, Private Investment Funds, Information Technology, Business Process Outsourcing, Banking, Education.


He has worked in various law firms specialized in corporate and banking law, firms that have been external lawyers for large public companies.


His practice as a lawyer and businessman makes him have an understanding of the specific needs of his clients, establishing a highly efficient communication system.



  • IPADE Business School, Monterrey, Ongoing| Continuity program.
  • Senior Management Program (D1), 2010-2011 | IPADE Business School, Monterrey
  • Master on Business Law MDE, 2009-2010 | U-ERRE Universidad Regiomontana A.C.
  • Law Degree, 2003 | Facultad libre de derecho de Monterrey, AC.


Practice areas:

  • General and specialized corporate law
  • Fusions and acquisitions
  • Strategic associations “joint ventures”
  • Co-investments
  • Real Estate
  • Private equity and venture capital investments
  • Stock Market
  • Negotiation
  • Industrial property
  • Franchises, retail and distributions
  • Information Technologies (IT)

María José Guerrero Dib


María José has more than 10 years of experience as a lawyer, specializing in corporate law, serving clients in industries such as Telecommunications, Real Estate and Banking.


Her experience comes from working with clients as their legal department in the areas of general corporate law, secretariat and values, capitalizations, contracts, Real Estate, banking, etc.




  • Bachelor in Legal Sciences | U-ERRE Universidad Regiomontana, A.C.
  • Master in Business Law | U-ERRE Universidad Regiomontana, A.C.

Practice areas

  • General corporate law
  • Banking
  • Real Estate
  • Intellectual property

Laura Stephany Grimaldo González


Stephany Grimaldo is in charge of a part of the Firm’s operation in contractual and notarial matters, projecting documents, managing cases on our platforms and supporting partners in their daily tasks.


Her experience comes from working during her studies as an intern in various fields. She has more than 3 years of professional experience




  • Law degree | Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León

Practice areas

  • Laboral
  • Litigation
  • Industrial and intellectual property
  • Corporate
  • Contracts
Cinthya Lopez

Cinthya Lopez


Cinthya López cuenta con más de 20 años de experiencia en áreas legales y de cumplimiento normativo contando con amplia experiencia en derecho corporativo, contratos, fusiones y adquisiciones, alianzas estratégicas, secretaría corporativa y de valores, derecho migratorio, derecho financiero, auditorías legales, de ética y cumplimiento.


Las industrias en las que ha tenido participación incluyen las siguientes materias: Ventas al retail, Petroquímica, Alimentos, Aceros, Electromovilidad, Vehicular y Educativa.
Asimismo, ha trabajado en reconocidas firmas de abogados especializados en derecho corporativo, despachos que han sido asesores externos de grandes grupos de industrias públicas.




  • Maestría en Derecho de la Empresa MDE 2005-2007 – Universidad de Monterrey (UDEM).

  • Lic. en Derecho 1998-2002 – Universidad de Monterrey (UDEM).


Áreas de Práctica

  • Derecho corporativo.
  • Fusiones y adquisiciones.
  • Alianzas estratégicas “joint-ventures”.
  • Bursátil.
  • Propiedad Industrial.
  • Derecho migratorio.
  • Contratos.
  • Ética y cumplimiento.

Jacobo Fernández García


Jacobo Fernández has more than 16 years of practice as a responsible for the financing of projects of acquisition, construction and maintenance of pipelines and oil platforms, debt negotiation and restructuring, trust administration, mergers and acquisitions, as well as contracts in general.

His experience comes from working as a legal manager for various companies in the oil and energy industry.


  • Master of International Law, L.L.M., 2000 | University of Arizona
  • Specialization in Corporate Law, 2000 | University of Arizona
  • Law degree, 1998 | Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey

Practice areas

  • General and specialized corporate law
  • Fusions and acquisitions
  • Private equity and venture capital investments
  • Financial
  • Banking and stock market
  • Strategic associations “joint ventures”
  • Administrative industrial property
  • Maritime
  • Aeronautical
  • Lobbying


  • Spanish and English

José Ramón Villarreal Martínez


José Ramón has more than 15 years of experience successfully representing clients in the following areas: civil and commercial litigation, legal protection and commercial bankruptcies. He has focused his practice and his professional and academic preparation with the aim of meeting the needs required by commercial companies, which derive from conflicts between the company and its shareholders, third parties, and others.

He has had the opportunity of working in highly specialized litigation firms in Mexico City and Monterrey.


  • Doctoral student in Law, 2019 | Escuela Libre de Derecho
  • L., 2015 | University of Southern California, Gould School of Law
  • Business Law Certificate, 2015 | University of Southern California, Gould School of Law
  • Master of Laws, 2016 | Escuela Libre de Derecho
  • Master of Business Law, 2011 | Universidad de Monterrey
  • Law degree, 2006 | Facultad Libre de Derecho de Monterrey

Practice areas in litigation:

  • Civil and commercial law
  • Legal protection
  • Constitutional right
  • Advice on private law
  • Real Estate law
  • Mercantile companies
  • Stock market

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